Aronia Low Scape® Mound

A Weather-proof Stunner from Spring to Frost!

Item # 25989
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We tend not to ask too much of shrubs when it comes to interest, yet this compact deciduous variety is sure to turn heads! A robust native to the US, this dwarf plant delivers an amazing performance of color and form for a luxuriously long season beginning in spring and continuing right up until winter. In spring it sends up small clouds of pale pink to white flowers that then give way to glossy verdant foliage that takes on the summer heat without breaking a sweat. Finally, in autumn that foliage turns a striking red which perfectly offsets its midnight purple berries. Its tidy habit and petite dimensions make it a versatile and valuable player in smaller gardens and it shines as an edging plant. As tough as it is lovely to behold, this native shrub is quite tolerant of adverse environmental stressors such as drought, heat, and salt. Use it in containers, beds and as edging and let it enhance the landscape with its lingering appeal.