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Lantana Lucky™ Lemon Glow (pack of 3)

Lantana Lucky™ Lemon Glow (pack of 3)

Lantana camara 'Balucemlow'

Welcome to the bright world of Lucky™ Lemon Glow! This super-compact Lantana offers splendid butter-and-sugar color that brings pollinators flocking, and the blooms continue from early summer well into fall in most climates. (In warm areas, this plant may overwinter!) For cheery planters, baskets, and sunny garden beds, you simply can't beat it!

Lucky™ Lemon Glow really stands up to extreme temperatures and environmental stresses. The dark foliage is scented, so deer and rabbits tend to leave it alone, and the perfectly rounded little nosegays of yellow and white look fresh no matter what the weather does. Compact and super-floriferous, it's the perfect choice for any sun-filled spot that needs some bold color.

Just 12 to 26 inches high and little more than a foot wide, this plant leafs out a bit later in spring, but makes up for lost time once the weather heats up! It continues well into chilly fall in most climates, and in warm areas may overwinter. (It is actually a tender perennial, hardy in zones 8-11). Give it adequate water and food for best flowering, but don't worry if the soil dries out occasionally. Lucky™ Lemon Glow isn't called Lucky for nothing! Each pot contains 1 plant. Contains three 4-inch pots.