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Height at Maturity
  • 10 to 20 Feet
Seasonal Features
  • Spring Flowering
  • Magnolia
Light Requirements
  • Full Sun
  • Compact
Additional Characteristics
  • Easy Care Plants
  • Fragrant Garden
  • Free Bloomer
  • Flower
  • Butterfly & Bee Attracting Plants
  • Repeat Bloomer
  • Fast Growing


Unmistakable blooms and foliage

Valued for their showy, fragrant cutflower-perfect blooms, Magnolias are easy to grow and relatively pest-free. Their white, pink, or purple flowers range in size from about 3-12 inches, making a bold statement in the landscape. Magnolia trees may be deciduous, semi-evergreen, or evergreen, their large green leaves with fuzzy, reddish-brown or silver undersides proving almost as attractive as their blooms. Adaptable and vigorous, Magnolias come in a variety of sizes and provide interesting fruits and reddish-brown seeds in fall that attract songbirds.
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