Narcissus Mallee

Narcissus 'Mallee'

Narcissus 'Mallee'

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What a charming bloom show! Early in the season, 'Mallee' offers up gorgeous wide-open blooms spreading 3 to 4 inches wide, revealing white perianths and peachy centers. The perianths divide quickly into 6 segments, while the cups are often intact apricot cylinders at first, then as they mature they split into six frilly segments, revealing a soft yellow starburst center.

This delightful Daffodil thrives in any spot that receives plenty of sunlight and had decently rich soil, and the trouble-free plant will slowly naturalize to fill an area, adding its 16- to 18-inch stems and gorgeous blooms over a large area year after year. The sword-shaped foliage grows in wild clumps of exceptionally dark, glossy leaves that stand as a pleasant reminder once the bloom show is finished.

Like other Daffodils, 'Mallee' is best planted in the fall in order to enjoy blooms the next spring. About 5 bulbs per square foot creates the best display. It is a great way to fill flower beds or borders, plays well with perennials, makes an outstanding cut-flower, tolerates shade well underneath of trees, and is perfect for naturalizing large swaths of the landscape. And because deer tend to avoid it, 'Mallee' can play happily on even the wildest fringes of your property!

A child of 'Movie Star' and 'Last Chance', this fantastic Daffodil comes from a long a proud like that includes 'Valinor, 'Roseworthy', 'Canasta', and others. 'Mallee' was hybridized by Brian S. Duncan in Ireland and introduced in 2001. It has garnered acclaim ever since, winning (among others) the Award of Garden Merit. Enjoy this winner in your garden this spring, and for many springs to come! Zones 3 to 8.