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Cornus Mandarin Jewel

Cornus 'Mandarin Jewel'

Cornus kousa 'Mandarin Jewel'

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This precocious dogwood is a real treasure with its deep green foliage and snow white flowers. But what really makes Mandarin Jewel™ stand above the rest is its unusual pumpkin-yellow colored fruits. These fruits add more color and texture interest while also giving a welcome meal to hungry bird guests. But wait - its white flowers will also put on a lovely show in early spring. If you're looking for a landscape tree that does it all, be sure to add Mandarin Jewel to your collection!

This tree is sure to be a great addition to your garden throughout all seasons. The fruit that blooms in the autumn is a special visual treat - the color stands out beautifully against the foliage! It is perfect for a small yard as it only grows to a maximum of 20 feet tall. Zone: 5-8.