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Echinacea Meteor™ Yellow

Echinacea Meteor™ Yellow

Echinacea Meteor™ Yellow #25,149

Plant Patent 25,149.

Part of the Meteor™ series from Terra Nova Nurseries, this anemone-style coneflower grows upright with a double ring of bright yellow petals and a fluffy golden center. The petals hang down below the high, proud center, creating an effect akin to a golden comet trailing across the sky!

Meteor™ Yellow boasts exceptionally good branching, which means more blooms! This vigorous variety sets out plenty of large double blooms, but the strong, upright stalks resist wind and rain with no need for staking!

A robust cultivar of the native Coneflower, Meteor™ Yellow is exceptionally easy to care for, resisting heat, drought, and other weather without a care! The fragrant blooms attract butterflies, but go untroubled by deer.1 Quart container. Zones 4 to 10.