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Mimulus Magic Blotch Mix Plants

Mimulus Magic Blotch Mix Plants

Mimulus x hybridus Magic Mix

This item does not qualify for any additional discounts or promotions.
This item does not qualify for any additional discounts or promotions.

A beautiful warmhearted mix of colors and patterns! This Monkey Flower is renowned for its ability to start flowering early and just keep going for months! Our healthy, well-rooted plants take off quickly in the sunny to partly shaded garden bed or container, offering one-of-a-kind color even in inhospitable soils!

The Magic series is the first Monkey Flower to bloom each year, with masses of showy 1¾- to 2-inch blooms. In this gorgeous mix, you will get all the warm tones, from yellow and orange to red, golden, cream, and white -- everything speckled, freckled, washed, and patterned! The satiny feel and wide-open trumpet shape of Magic Mix may remind you of Petunias, but the color intensity and markings are more like Foxgloves or Lilies!

Monkey Flowers make an excellent succession planting to Pansies, especially in warm climates where Pansies tend to give out early in spring. This plant forms a neat, plump little mound just 10 inches tall and no more than a foot wide, its blooms shooting up above the foliage to greet you from late spring through summer and even into fall in many areas. And if you transplant them into the spring garden before a freakish late frost (the kind we always seem to get right after we plant tender seedlings!), not to worry -- Magic is the most frost-tolerant of all Monkey Flowers!

The best part about the Magic series is its adaptability. If your soil is clay-ey, moist -- or, let's face it, WET! -- or otherwise unsuitable for picky plants, call on this Monkey Flower! It's great for bedding, and its compact size makes it a charmer in containers of all sizes. It blooms readily in full sun (preferable in cooler climates) to partial shade (essential in the deep South and Southwest), and likes to be kept moist -- not a problem in poorly-draining soil!

If you like this mix, be sure to try the other Magic blend we offer: stunning Spring Blossom Mix! You'll get even more color combinations to design with!

Monkey Flower is technically a perennial, hardy in zones 6-9, but it is so short-lived and front-loaded (its best season of bloom is its first!) that it's best grown as an annual. Prepare to discover a new favorite, and to reap compliments all season long from garden visitors, with Magic Mix!

When your plants arrive, simply remove all the packaging material and set the pots outdoors in a shaded area protected from strong winds. Water them heavily, letting the excess run out of the base of the pots, so you know they are thoroughly hydrated after their journey. Then let them rest for a few days before transplanting. Done and done! Pack of 10 plants in 2.5" pots.