Moisture Loving Plants

Stunning Plants, Rain or Shine

Are you concerned that a season of heavy precipitation could make growing beautiful gardens challenging? Or concerned with a shaded area where the soil never seems to dry out? No worries! Wayside Gardens has a solution for you—Moisture Loving Plants.
Some plants don’t do well in soggy soil or excessive moisture, but we’ve created a collection of perennials, shrubs, bulbs, and temperennials that can handle even the rainiest season. Moisture loving plants refer to varieties that do well in moisture rich soil. This soil is able to retain its moisture due to its rich organic matter composition while still draining properly. These plants appreciate this soil structure and can grow in consistently moist conditions. This selection of plants will provide moisture loving options for all garden light requirements, so you have options for your sun and shade gardens. These moisture loving plants will tolerate high humidity and will thrive in wet or damp conditions that may impede the growth of other plants.