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Cercidiphyllum Morioka Weeping

Cercidiphyllum 'Morioka Weeping'

Cercidiphyllum japonicum 'Morioka Weeping'

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This weeping Katsura tree wears its foliage like verdant flowing robes and is a masterpiece of natural beauty. Each new leaf begins life as maroon but soon matures to a pleasing bluish green. Finally in fall it delivers one last trick - transforming its green into gold and creating a sight to treasure. Curiously, despite not having any notable scent when living, its fallen leaves smell distinctly like cinnamon or warm sugar.

Allow this 'Morioka Weeping" to add a touch of elegance to your yard or garden. Its strong trunk will reach out into pendulous twigs that allow the branches to cascade down. It can grow up to 50 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of up to 40 feet. It grows very rapidly and can live a long happy life. Z: 4-8. Full sun, regular watering. Deer resistant.