Dwarf Banana


Space 4 to 8 feet apart in the garden in full sun to light shade in a rich, moist soil that contains extra organic matter. Water regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.

For Containers: Plant in a 15- to 20-inch pot using a quality packaged potting soil. Use a water soluble fertilizer, through the summer according to label directions. Shift into larger pots as desired.


In colder areas where it isn’t hardy, move indoors before the first hard freeze and grow in a sunny window as a houseplant, watering about once a week. If space is not available for a houseplant, it can be cut back close to the base and stored as a dormant plant in a cool, dark basement for the winter. Water every 5 to 6 weeks only enough to keep the soil barely damp. New plants can be started by digging and removing the offshoots that develop at the base of the plant. Once a mature stalk produces bananas, it will slowly die and can be removed by cutting it to ground level.


Zones 9-10