Muscari Ocean Magic

With all the beauty of the open sea!

Pack of 10
Item # 27279-PK-10
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Absolutely sparkling with the ocean's infinite spectrum of shimmering blue and white color Muscari Ocean Magic yields cone shaped blooms that gradually blend from a deep cobalt blue at its base, to indigo, to azure, to sky, eventually cresting pure white at the top just like a wave crashing onto the shore. Not only are they incredibly unique and beautiful but they also boast a sweet fragrance that will have all who pass by stop and pause. These incredible blooms are also pest and deer resistant so no need to worry about pesky pests bothering these incredible blue blooms. Muscari thrive in full sun or deciduous shade, tolerate most soil types, and seem to last forever. They are ideal companions for taller bulbs or flowering shrubs, or plant them by themselves and watch them light up the landscape. Anywhere you put them Muscari Ocean Magic will bring the glory of the sea to your garden.