Must Have Perennials

Perennials every gardener should grow

We love perennials. They’re beautiful, reliable, and enduring, getting bigger and better with each passing year. They are the heart of the garden, and bring in the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that we all love and that make our gardens healthy and more productive. But some perennials just stand out from the crowd. And when we find those special plants, we want to share them with you too. Some of the perennials in this category are classic, old-time favorites; some are new, novel, or just less well-known and under used; but all are simply must-haves in every garden. Whether for their bold blossoms, heady perfumes, and/or exotic foliage, these precious perennials should not be overlooked. Our selection of must-haves changes with the season and availability, so check back often to see what we’ve added, and don’t let your favorites slip away because these are the perennials every gardener should grow.

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