Must Have Shrubs

Selected by our horticulturists as the most desirable this season

Shrubs offer so much to the garden. But often when we hear the word “shrub,” we think of hardworking evergreen shrubs that play a supporting role in the garden, adding structure or a textural backdrop for more flamboyant flora, creating utilitarian hedges, or performing tough jobs, like soil stabilization or erosion control.

However, these Must Have Shrubs have so much more to offer. The long-lasting perennial shrubs in this category are not only utilitarian but also highly ornamental and can hold their own as specimens in the garden. Well-branched and lush, these shrubs often have especially showy foliage with exceptional textures, variegations, and/or color, year-round or seasonal. And some shrubs have bright stems with unusual hues or textures, which can simply contribute to the plant's overall beauty or stand out as the main attraction, especially in the winter against freshly fallen snow. The flowering shrubs in this category are typically long blooming, offering months of long-lasting flower clusters, often with enticing fragrances that not only attract our attention but also lure in the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that we all love and that make our gardens so productive.

Whether you’re looking for small shrubs or tall shrubs, sun-loving shrubs or shade-loving shrubs, a specimen for a special place in the garden or several shrubs for foundation plantings, mass garden plantings, or hedges, start your search here with these essential Must Have Shrubs, and they will deliver years of enjoyment.

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