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Azalea My Mary

Azalea 'My Mary'

Rhododendron 'My Mary'

Azalea My Mary has one of the most pleasantly fragrant aroma for anyone who want a shrub that blooms beginning in late spring and continuing throughout the summer months. Ideally suited for accent planting or as a hedge, My Mary is most popular in the south. Plant it near your home's entrance and watch its natural attraction to butterflies.

This very showy shrub was first introduced in Georgia by George Beasley. Named after his wife, this medium-sized azalea is bred from crosses of Rhododendrons periclymenoides, austrinum and atlanticum. Blooms start as light yellow with contrasting red tubes in the spring. They continue to present an extraordinary garden bouquet with charm, tough leaves, hardiness, good plant form and a pleasing fragrance.