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Weigela My Monet®

Weigela My Monet®

Amazing color!

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Gardeners have long known the joys of growing Weigela, and even more are going to have the chance with this charming little dwarf! My Monet® only grows 12-18" high and 18-24" wide, making it perfect for small spaces, such as front-of-the-border plantings or containers.

Grown mostly for its variegated foliage -- white to cream edges on sage-green leaves -- My Monet® is decorated with trumpet-shaped, dark pink, hummingbird- and butterfly-attracting blooms throughout summer. It tends to be unpalatable to deer, however, so you don't have to worry about night-time feeders damaging it.

My Monet® prefers well-drained soils but is extremely adaptable to other types of soil, and with its wonderful versatility, you'll change how you've always thought of using shrubs. Its diminutive size allows you to use it in the same way you would a low-growing perennial or annual, as a groundcover, or in a mass planting. Its multi-season color and ease of growth will bring you years of enjoyment, no matter where you plant it!

Plant My Monet® in full sun to partial shade. Pruning typically isn't necessary, but if it is, it's best to do so immediately after flowering. Zones 5-8.