Nana Dwarf Mondo Grass

Nana Dwarf Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon japonicus 'Nana'

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Shorter than regular Mondo Grass and presenting a more formal, tighter look, this evergreen ground cover is well-suited to the border, edging, the front of the foundation, and containers of all kinds. A fine alternative to traditional lawns, it is low-growing, dense, and beautiful . . . and never needs mowing!

Quickly growing a compact, deep green mound of grassy foliage, 'Nana' also tops itself with small white flowers in summer and metallic blue berries in fall. Neither is standout color, but it repays closer inspection. And in winter, the foliage remains evergreen!

'Nana' will tolerate full sun but prefers some shade, especially in southern climates. It is not fussy about soil, but will do best in moist areas. Great for erosion control on slopes where water runoff is a problem, it spreads slowly to form a dense carpet of low-growing color. Zones 6-10. Ships as six 3.5" Pots