Dahlia Naomi® and Prospero® Mix

Summer's favorite power couple!

Pack of 2
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For a perfect pairing in garden and vase, rely on the gorgeous duo of Naomi® and Prospero®. Both members of the Karma series of Dahlias, they were bred specially to produce masses of flowers for cutting. Therefore, the blooms are large, showy, and very abundant. But they are also a fine garden presence, filling any sunny spot with bold color from midsummer into fall!

This pair offers complementary colors and forms you will love. Naomi® is a decorative Dahlia, fully double and boasting burgundy petals so rich they look smoky-black at the heart of the big 4- to 6-inch blooms. A scene-stealer in any setting, this tall, well-branched Dahlia takes over in well-drained, rich, moist soil. Make it a centerpiece of any border or bed!

And don't forget Naomi's® companion, Prospero®. This is a waterlily Dahlia, also boasting blooms up to 6 inches across, but these with short, triangular, upturned petals of silvery pink. So gorgeous, and the perfect complement to the rich deep red tones of Naomi®! Prospero® is a tall and vigorous plant as well, blooming lavishly over a long season.

These Dahlias are ideal for cutting because their stems are strong and will keep the blooms looking fresh for a week or more. Make them the heart of your cutflower garden this season and for many more to come! Pack of 2.