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Nature Greenhouse 6 x 6 Silver

Nature Greenhouse 6' x 6' Silver

Double-Walled Polycarbonate
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It comes in two sizes ? 6 feet by 6 feet and 6 feet by 8 feet but the focus here is on the former. With this greenhouse, all your tropical, perennial, young and delicate seedlings are in very safe hands. It has adjustable roof vents for more air inflow and a swing door for ease of entry and exit.

It weighs about 84 pounds and it is very easy to assemble if you follow the manual instructions religiously. Apart from all its features, it is a beautiful sight to behold. It beautifies your compound. It has the ability to filter off the ultra violet rays of the sun and still give your plants access to adequate sunlight.

It should cost a fortune to acquire this almost natural growing environment for your plants but it does not. You will agree with me that the real cost of any product lies in its usage and not its tag price. Isn't it?