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Height at Maturity

  • Under 10 Feet
  • 10 to 20 Feet
  • Over 20 Feet

Seasonal Features

  • Spring Flowering
  • Fall Foliage


Light Requirements


Additional Characteristics

New Trees

The newest varieties for living architecture

Trees create permanent landscape accents, whether used as interesting specimens or fast-growing privacy screens. We are dedicated to bringing you the newest varieties available, and so search every year for the highest-quality and most-exciting trees we can find. Whether you're seeking flowering container fruit trees, elegant Japanese Maples, majestic conifers, or a wealth of other exceptional choices, we will keep providing you with the newest, and best, trees around!

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  • Autumn Moon Japanese Maple
    Trees and shrubs $79.95
  • Acer 'Lemon Lime Lace'
    Trade Gallon (3qt) Was $79.95
    Now $59.96
  • 'Radiant' Japanese Maple
    Trade Gallon (3qt) Was $79.95
    Now $55.97
  • Rhode Island Red Japanese Maple
    Trade Gallon (3qt) Was $79.95
    Now $63.96
  • Royal Frost® Birch
    1-Quart Was $16.95
    Now $10.17
  • Burgundy Star Magnolia
    Trade Gallon (3qt) $89.95
  • Tupelo Tower Blackgum
    Trade Gallon (3qt) $69.95
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