Newport Window Box

Newport Window Box

24 inch
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30 inch
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36 inch
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60 inch
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Have you found too many beautiful plants to fit in your beds and borders? Make some more garden space with the classic window box, an ingenious planter design that brings rows of your favorite perennials or annuals up high where they can be viewed whether you are indoors or out! The Newport Window Box features the timeless "hayrack" design, with a powder-coated steel cage supporting a pre-inserted liner of coconut fiber mat.

The high-performance steel has been sealed with zinc and powder-coating to prevent rust and sun damage. The sturdy construction will gracefully bear the weight of soil and plants without distorting. Thanks to the knockouts for surface installation, attaching the Newport Window Box to any wooden surface is a breeze! This hardware is an investment in long-term beauty, since it will continue to look its best with no more than the occasional rinse off with the hose.

The coconut fiber insert also makes an ideal growing medium because it is porous enough to let air enter and let water drain out, yet tight-weaved enough to hold on to soil and nutrients. This material is also naturally rot and mildew resistant, so it won't develop those unsightly green blotches like lesser materials.

Bring your gardening to a whole new level with the beauty of the Newport Window Box! Dimensions: Approx. 8¼ inches wide x 8¼ inches deep x 24/30/36/48/60 inches long.