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Nikitas Gift Persimmon Tree

Nikita's Gift Persimmon Tree

Diospyros virginiana x kaki Nikita's Gift™

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Probably the most frequently planted fruit tree on Earth, persimmons are not very well known here in the U.S. Well, get ready, because Nikita's Gift™ is out to change that!

This compact, self-pollinating tree is a hybrid of Asian and American persimmon species, delivering the best of both types. The fruit is a deep reddish-orange, round and smooth, that ripens in fall. At the same time, the long, slender, nicely veined green leaves of this tree turn brilliant shades of yellow, gold, and orange, remaining on the tree for several weeks before dropping into a Technicolor pool on the garden floor. Magnificent!

Nikita's Gift™ is so named because it was developed by a Ukranian nursery called Nikita's. ItAs you might expect from such beginnings, it's quite cold-hardy, tolerating temperatures of -10°F without damage. Best in full sun in northern climates, partial shade farther south and west, it reaches just 10 to 12 feet high, so you can fearlessly grow it in a large container if you have no garden space (or live north of zone 5). This is a persimmon for every climate and every gardener!

The fruit is about the size and shape of an orange, but think of a tomato when deciding when to pick it. Once it is soft and tender like a ripe tomato, it's ready to leave the tree! This usually happens in mid-fall. And don't worry if you pick a few too early or too late -- with a mature tree capable of producing 50 pounds or more, you will have plenty to choose from!

Nikita's Gift™ is indifferent to soil type provided the drainage is good, but thrives best in very moist soils, and doesn't mind slightly wet, boggy conditions. And if it's not overly moist, just be sure to provide regular watering during dry spells. This tree is quite adaptable. Prepare to fall in love with the fruit the rest of the world eats regularly -- gourmet, velvety, flavorful persimmons right from your garden, deck, or balcony!