Azalea Northern Hi-Lights

Azalea 'Northern Hi-Lights'

'Northern Hi-Lights'

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After it was released by the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum in 1994, the Azalea Northern Hi Lights gained popularity for those planting in zone four. The late spring rhododendron is certainly a breath of fresh air for gardeners who live in areas with harsh winters. The blooms of 'Northern Hi-Lights' are quite distinctive, and they show white with buttery yellow accents in mid-spring. These trumpet-shaped blooms almost resemble bunches of honeysuckle, and they give off a wonderfully sweet fragrance. In the fall, the narrow leaves on this bush turn a brilliant deep red during the fall season, and since foliage is resistant to mildew and disease, this gorgeous color will be visible in your flowerbeds or yard for quite a while. They grow slowly but have a spread of up to five feet and stand four feet in height. They make great hedges, so you can plant this shrub as part of a mixed border or in your foundation plantings. Azalea Northern Hi Lights thrive in the shade. In fact, this is required in the southern states, where the heat from full sun may be a bit much for this beauty. Other than this, it is relatively low-maintenance. This shrub is great for planting zones four through seven. Please note that due to state standards, we cannot ship Azalea Northern Hi Lights to Guam, Canada, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico.