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Azalea Northern Hi-Lights

Azalea 'Northern Hi-Lights'

Rhododendron 'Northern Hi-Lights'

You may smell this deciduous Azalea before you see it, the sweet scent wafting through the garden in late spring. 'Northern Hi-Lights' is an absolutely showstopping shrub, cold-hardy through zone 4, boasting big bouquets of yellow-and-white blooms for many weeks, and offering handsome red and burgundy foliage for fall. The perfect size for any setting from the foundation to the driveway, it belongs front and center in your sunny to partly shaded garden.

Developed by the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum for its Northern Lights series of ultra cold-hardy Rhododendrons, 'Northern Hi-Lights' is true-blue bud-hardy to -30 degrees F. Bushy, well-branched, and naturally rounded, it presents an attractive silhouette from spring through fall, terrific mildew resistance keeping its foliage lush and healthy. Utterly trouble-free, it goes where few other Azaleas have dared, and bounces back each spring more beautiful than before!

The blooms are butter-and-sugar colored -- white with a single prominent lick of golden-yellow on the upper petals. They are held in large, beautiful clusters all over this shrub, their elegant anthers extending well beyond the flowers for a frilly effect. Very, very fragrant, they will be the focal point of the garden throughout their season of bloom.

'Northern Hi-Lights' reaches 4 to 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide, just right for the foundation, a hedge, along the driveway, or in the border. It loves full sun in the north, partial shade farther south and west. A slow grower, it keeps its dense habit effortlessly! And in autumn, its glossy foliage turns brilliant shades of red and burgundy, remaining on the shrub for several weeks before dropping.

This Azalea is the hybrid of an Exbury seedling and an unidentified Azalea seedling. It combines beautifully with others in the Northern Lights series, as well as other cold-tolerant Azaleas. In the border, it makes a welcome companion to Kalmia, Pieris, and Astilbe, among many others. Enjoy this exceptionally lovely and high performing Azalea! Zones 4-7. Cannot ship to WA.