Elaeagnus Olive Martini™

Elaeagnus Olive Martini™

Elaeagnus x ebbingei 'Viveleg' PP20177

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Available Apr 15, 2019 to open plant zones. View schedule.
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The attractive yellow-gold leaf edges and silvery new growth of Olive Martini™ make this evergreen shrub an exciting new addition to the garden or landscape. It will spread along your landscape filling it with beautiful foliage interest. The leaves are dark olive green in the center but they lighten to gold around the edges creating stunning contrast. Plant this shrub in full sunlight and watch as it grows and fills your landscape with it's incredible green foliage. It is easy to grow and low maintenance so it's as easy as planting and sitting back to watch it flourish. Olive Martini™ can be used as both a hedge or specimen plant or anywhere you need a bit of visual interest in your landscape. Sit back with a drink and watch as Olive Martini™ absolutely delights. Zone 6-9