Rosa Oso Easy® Paprika

So Easy, So Fragrant, So Compact!

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Plant Patent Applied For. Cultivar name: 'Chewmaytime'

Simply one of the easiest roses in the world to grow successfully, Rosa Oso Easy® Paprika offers a charming low-growing habit, vibrant blooms in unusual shades of orange, red, coral, and salmon, and absolutely unbeatable resistance to blackspot and powdery mildew, two of the worst scourges the rose family endures! Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just picking up your first trowel, Paprika will grow and bloom profusely for you!

The flowers are single, 2 inches wide, and open a rich red infused with orange. As they mature, the orange takes over and becomes shot with shades of coral and salmon, for an utterly unique play of colors. And you'll have plenty of opportunity to study these color changes, too, because the blooms begin in late spring, continue all summer, and don't quit until the first fall frost!

Even the foliage is attractive on this well-branched little shrub. Emerging fiery red in spring, it turns bright green and remains lush and full even during hot, humid, or rainy weather. So different from traditional Roses, and such a much-needed improvement!

Paprika reaches only 1 to 2 feet high and wide, though its three-season bloom strength gives it quite an impact in the sunny garden. Use it along pathways, in the front of the foundation, or in the rose garden before taller varieties. Butterflies flock to its blooms, and bright hips attract songbirds in winter.

Hardy to -20 degrees F, this plant is long-lived and very vigorous. The flowers are subtly fragrant, and the entire shrub lends an air of bright beauty to any setting. Consider landscaping with this dynamite shrub rose for years of long-season color! Zones 5-9.

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Easy, No Care Rose
Karen from TX wrote on April 10, 2018:

This is my 3rd year with this rose. I planted several of them on the southwest side of my home under a 40 year old crapemyrtle tree. They get the sun they need with afternoon shade. They are beautiful and bloom through mid fall in Texas. I haven’t done a thing for them, except deadheading, and they bloom profusely. I love the orangey-paprika color too. Anyone can grow these.

Great container rose
Desert Gardener from NM wrote on June 25, 2017:

This rose is quite compact, but beautiful in a ceramic pot. It took about a month to get established, then it started blooming non-stop. It only needs water 2 times per week in NM. I keep it in a semi shaded area, and fertilize every 2 weeks.

Gardener who loves to try new things from TX wrote on December 21, 2016:

When I got this rose the soil was very dry. So, I watered and watered it. The leaves started turning yellow. I decided it was not going to work for me, set it aside in a corner and forgot about it. Weeks later the bush was looking beautiful and had grow 6 inches. Now that I know not to overwater it is doing great and growing like a weed in a large pot. I am going to purchase more.