Oxalis triangularis

Perfect purple shamrock!

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Oxalis Triangularis commonly known as False Shamrock is a lovely perennial plant that can be grown successfully either as a houseplant or as part of your garden. The colorful foliage and flowers will be a welcome addition to any indoor or outdoor environment. At an average height of about 10 to 12 inches, the Oxalis is a good choice as a groundcover. Plant it where the soil is moist and well drained, but never soggy. Slightly acidic soil is best. Additionally, improve soil quality and drainage by digging in a little compost before planting. Oxalis needs a few hours of sunlight every day, but plant in afternoon shade if you live in a hot climate. Oxalis leaves may wilt during hot afternoons, but they usually bounce back when the temperature drops in the evening. Keep in mind that species with darker leaves tolerate more sunlight. Wherever you choose to plant this pretty plant let it bring luck to your landscape!

Note: These bulbs are dry cooled to ensure the highest industry standards. Each bulb variety has a particular start time in order to meet specific cooling requirements so that when growers receive the bulbs they are ready for an 8 week pot chilling process and growers do not have to endure a cooling process themselves.