Paeonia 'Cora Stubbs'

Butterflies love the deep pink bowls & cream centers!

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A rare and choice masterpiece from William Krekler, one of America's outstanding breeders. An outer whorl of raspberry pink petals surrounds a large vanilla ice cream scoop center. As the flowers mature they become more irresistibly pink. Of typical Japanese form, this vigorous grower blooms midseason on 32-inch plants. Butterflies adore its blooms almost as much as you will. Despite its diva looks, this plant is quite easy to care for and thus makes a great gift for the green-thumbed loved ones on you gift list. A real treat for any Peony enthusiast!

If you are new to the joy of Peonies, let me enumerate some of their many merits! First, they are exceptionally easy to grow and carefree once established. One of the longest-lived perennials, a single plant can last for generations. And the blooms are as lovely as Roses, but vastly easier to grow!

Second, their phenol content makes them unappetizing to pests, including insects, rabbits,and even deer.

Third, they offer three seasons of color: reddish spring foliage, bright blooms in late spring and early summer; and bronze or purple tones in fall.

Fourth, they are equally suited for garden or vase, offering old-fashioned charm plus armloads of blooms. Very long-lived after cutting, the flowers can even be used as everlastings.

Peonies are a nice "bridge" plant in the garden, looking something like a perennial and something like a shrub. Set in front of large shrubs or trees, they make a big splash of color without occupying a lot of space. Zones 4-8.