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Paeonia Lady Alexander Duff

Paeonia 'Lady Alexander Duff'

Paeonia lactiflora 'Lady Alexandra Duff'

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'Lady Alexander Duff' is like a love note to all roses. Emerging from deep pink buds, the plush, petal-packed blossoms are frilly, extravagant, and lightly scented - a triple threat of beauty! The impressive flowers are held aloft by strong stems that are perfect for cutting, which is great since no bouquet should go without the presence of these fabulous blooms. Not only is this peony stunning to behold, it is also quite vigorous and reliable. The foliage is dense and grows in a bushy deeply verdant mound that retains its appeal from summer to first frost. 'Lady Alexander Duff' is deer and rabbit resistant and virtually pest-free, but butterflies can't resist those glorious blossoms anymore than we can! With all of its charming attributes its no wonder the Royal Horticulture Society granted this peony the prestigious Award of Garden Merit. If left undisturbed this peony will enjoy a long life in your garden and it is relatively low maintenance, needing only deadheading and a trim back in fall.