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Panicum Cheyenne Sky

Panicum 'Cheyenne Sky'

Panicum virgatum 'Cheyenne Sky' PP# 23,209

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Panicum 'Cheyenne Sky' is one of the easiest ornamental grasses to grow in full sun and will thrive almost anywhere you plant it. Part of the highly recommended and regarded Prairie Winds® series of ornamental grasses this is a favorite for landscape texture and movement. It forms a dense, upright clump of blue green foliage that transitions into an incredible wine red in the early summer. Purple flower panicles appear above the foliage during the late summer. This petite red grass is ideal for containers, so even if you don't have a lot of gardening space you can grow this grass on your porch or patio. Besides it's incredible form, this grass is regarded for its drought tolerance and deer resistance. It's incredibly beautiful, hardy, and easy to grow so you have no reason not to add it to your garden.

Does well in any soil from sand to clay. Cut back in spring before new growth appears.

Plant 'Cheyenne Sky' in your landscape and watch as it delights with color changing foliage and architectural beauty.