Cyperus Papyrus

Cyperus Papyrus

Cyperus papyrus

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This easy to grow plant has a grass like habit. It is a vigorous grower and has a feather like growth. It rises up from the ground with tall green stems with feathered foliage sprouting upwards. With a bold look, this plant does great in water gardens, tropical areas, or even as an annual in the Midwest. This plant has a long history of use by gardeners, specifically the Ancient Egyptians and is the source of papyrus paper one of the first types of paper ever made! In all shades of green this beautiful ancient plant will grow vigorously wherever you plant it. It does best in wet or moist soil and in full sun or partly shaded areas. This plant will not survive winters though so it should be brought indoors for winter! Papyrus will add plenty of visual interest to any area you decide to plant it.