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Enjoy a unique selection of best-selling plants and seeds, discounted items, and various other products that have been hand-picked for their outstanding performance by both our customers and us here at Park Seed. We believe you will truly love browsing through these flowers, veggies, trees, shrubs and more and will find something special that's just perfect for your home or garden!

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  • Clematis 'Jackmanii'
    1-Quart $22.95
  • Helleborus Royal Heritage™ Strain
    4-inch Pot $13.95
  • Agastache Blue Boa
    1-Quart $10.95
  • Cheyenne Spirit Coneflower
    1-Quart $17.95
  • Annabelle Hydrangea
    2-Quart $19.95
  • Green Giant Arborvitae
    2-Quart $19.95
  • AlgoFlash All-Purpose Plus Fertilizer
    All-Purpose $13.95
  • Algoflash Flowering Fertilizer
    Flowering $13.95
  • Lavandula Munstead
    1-Quart As Low As $9.95
  • Clematis 'Jackmanii'
    1-Quart As Low As $22.95
  • Raspberry Truffle Coneflower
    1-Quart $17.95
Viewing 1 - 11