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Pieris Passion Party™ Passion Frost

Pieris Passion Party™ Passion Frost

Brilliant Variegation!

Start the growing season off beautifully with this petite, very colorful Japanese Andromeda! Boasting variegated leaves plus brilliant blooms by the many dozen, Passion Frost is a fine way to signal spring in your garden!

Compact enough for containers at just a few feet high and wide, this shrub thrives in full sun everywhere but the deep south and west, where it appreciates a little afternoon shade. The leaves open dark green with prominent creamy-white edges, and keep this variegation all summer and into fall, before dropping neatly for winter!

And for several weeks in mid-spring, the foliage is accented by large clusters of bell-shaped rosy pink blooms. Bright and very profuse, these blooms are a fine complement to spring-blooming bulbs in the garden!

Make Passion Frost part of your landscape this season. It lives for many years, growing more beautiful with each passing season! Zones 5 to 8.