Pennisetum 'Puppy Love'

Versatile, Handsome, and Durable Fountain Grass

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We can't help but be smitten with 'Puppy Love.' It is is the sport of 'Ginger Love' and shares its height range, but boasts more richly colorful seedheads. Its arching foliage is elegant an intriguing, verdant with ruby red accents. The lacy foliage is offset by fluffy blushing burgundy plumes which appear at the end of summer and last until the first frost so you can enjoy it all throughout the season. It does best in full sun and looks great in a bed or in a container or even cut and put in an arrangement for some unique visual interest. This easy to care for plant is a boon to busy gardeners, this low maintenance ornamental grass is a pure delight in sunny landscapes and one you won't have to sweat over!