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Paeonia Dublin®

Paeonia 'Dublin'®

Paeoniaceae hybrid 'Dublin'

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What's this?
Bright white flower with a beautiful yellow center! These large flowers are preservable and do magnificent in a container. With compact growth habit and ease of flowering in a pot, it's such an easy to care for plant!

Peonies are a nice garden "bridge" plant, looking something like a perennial and something like a shrub. Set in front of large shrubs or trees, they make a big splash of color without occupying a lot of space. Place them in front of foliage focused shrubs to add a bright pop of color.

Traditional companions to Peonies are spring-and summer-flowering bulbs, blue- and white-flowered perennials, flowering shrubs such as Azaleas, and ornamental grasses.

Add these low maintenance bloomers to your landscape today for bright color wherever your garden needs it!