People's Choice Organics

Because success begins with the soil!

The People’s Choice Organics products are the next generation of soil amendments. Whatever garden project you are planning success begins with the soil. Modern soils can often be completely depleted of beneficial nutrients, organisms, and lack the soil structure to support healthy roots, foliage, blooms, and fruit development. These products have everything you need to rebuild the soil naturally for long term gardening success. Here are some tips on how to have your best soil using People’s Choice Organics:
  • First, select your site and cultivate Amazon Soil™ Conditioner to a depth of 6’’. This organic soil conditioner will restore critical minerals and nutrients to your soil.
  • Next, evaluate your soil for compaction and if you find that the soil profile is hard, dense, and water cannot penetrate easily, add Jackhammer™.
  • Growzilla™ is an organic garden fertilizer that supports natural microbial activity within the soil. Apply every 4-6 weeks during the growing season. Apply with the included hose and sprayer.
  • Clear90™ is an all-natural liquid fertilizer containing pure ocean minerals that can be applied every 4-6 weeks.
All of the People’s Choice Organics Products are non-toxic, suitable for organic food production, and safe for use near children and pets. These products can be use on all types of plants. Visit our Youtube channel for videos and tips on how to use People’s Choice Products!