Kalmia Peppermint

Kalmia 'Peppermint'

Kalmia latifolia 'Peppermint'

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This sweet little flower will draw a lot of attention and just as many compliments. The Kalmia latifolia Peppermint an adorable little plant that is perfect for the base of your flower bed. Its flowers grow in little clusters which make it ideal as an accent for an at home floral arrangement. However, this flower is not just great for how it looks, but for the quests it brings to your garden too. The picturesque little plant will attract wonderful butterflies that will delight. The Kalmia latifolia Peppermint is also very hardy with a wide range of climates and soil bases that it can grow healthy and strong in, while also being a natural deer repellent. This flowers buds begin as a bluish white in late spring and early summer, but once summer begins in full they bloom into white petals with red accents.