Tulip Perennial Delight Mix

Fruity Delight!

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Enjoy a soothing assortment of spring color! The Perennial Delight combination from the Delight tulip family blends soothing, comfortable hues in an uplifting arrangement. These long-lasting tulips provide bold energy and return year after year to wow and invigorate.

This selection includes 'Apricot Delight,' 'Candy Apple Delight,' and 'Cherry Delight' varieties featuring soft shades of red, white, pink, and apricot. Blooming in mid-to-late spring, the vigorous tulips thrive in many different environments and conditions, including well-drained soil and various sun levels. Expect brighter colors with full sun and longer blooming seasons with more shade.

Light pink with apricot edges, 'Apricot' is a Darwin-style tulip with tight vertical form. 'Candy Apple' features stunning red blooms with pure white stripes. 'Cherry' is cheery, apple red with hints of rose and violet.

The darker red hues of 'Candy Apple' and 'Cherry' serve as ideal complements for the softer white, pink and apricot shades. Each variety features large, long-lasting blooms that stand about 22 inches in height on upright green stems.

A great assortment to celebrate spring, Perennial Delight will give you that little extra spark when you need it. This group was selected for its compatibility of colors and growing conditions. Its combination of beauty and durability should delight you every year.