Wayside Gardens has unique, exceptional, and high-quality perennials that grow more spectacular year after year.

Perennials are often considered the heart of the garden due to how rewarding they are, year after year, as well as the fact that they offer an enormous variety of colors, sizes, habits, and bloomtimes, no matter where you live. That's why at Wayside Gardens we work so diligently to bring you the finest, most exceptional perennials available. We want to make sure that every season you'll be able to find exactly what you want to increase the long-term beauty of your garden.

Not only are our plants of the highest quality, but you'll also find rare and unique varieties here that are very difficult to find elsewhere. We've chosen many of them because they've shown superior disease or pest resistance and excellent performance in drought, heat, humidity, cold, or other stresses. Some have also been selected because of exciting new bloom colors and forms or new sizes and habits that make them perfect for any type of garden, large or small--there's truly something for everyone! Build your garden around these top-quality, endlessly rewarding plants, and you'll be thrilled with how they grow more spectacular with each passing year!