Philadelphus 'Buckley's Quill'

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Philadelphus are valued for their fragrant flowers, and the flowers on 'Buckly's Quill' are also exceptionally beautiful. Distinct among mock orange plants, the unusual flowers have about 30 quill-like, pointed petals. Borne in compact clusters, the elegant pure white double blooms come in abundance in late spring and are especially attractive to bees.

Low maintenance and easy to grow, this hardy deciduous shrub is adaptable to full sun or part shade. It has an erect, compact habit and long yellow-green leaves with dentate margins. It works well in mixed beds and makes a lovely specimen, but it is shown to best effect when grouped or massed.

Developed at Agricultural Canada's Ottawa Research Station; the result of a 1959 cross of Philadelphus x lemoinei 'Frosty Morn' with the P. x cymosus 'Bouquet Blanc', it was selected in 1961 (Svejda, F. 1979. Can. J. Plant Sci. 59:879-882).  As a hybrid, it is sometimes presented as Philadelphus x 'Buckley's Quill'.