Philo Monstera in Cream Ceramic Container

Philo Monstera in Cream Ceramic Container

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Here's a houseplant that just becomes more interesting and attractive with each passing season! Philo Monstera, the Swiss Cheese Plant, is an evergreen foliage plant from Central America with large, leathery leaves that begin solid, then acquire cuts and slits that create a unique look on every leaf. Strikingly beautiful, it's also easy to grow.

We ship Philo Monstera already established in a handsome cream-colored ceramic container, so it's ready to display right out of the box. What a great gift for faraway friends and relatives, as well as the perfect hostess gift and office present. No special knowledge is necessary to keep this houseplant growing happily for years!

Philo Monstera is an evergreen liana, growing by attaching aerial roots to any support. In the rainforest, it will climb a tree, but you can keep this plant quite small or let it outgrow its first pot and be transplanted to a larger container over time. It needs a warm room (it is happiest above 60°F) and likes humidity, so mist it if the leaves look parched, or place the whole pot on a shallow dish of wet pebbles. Ordinary water and food are fine, plus bright indirect light in summer and a sunny window in winter. Office and kitchen fluorescent lights work well, too! Philo Monstera is easy!

As much as you want to give this houseplant as a gift, consider picking up an extra one for your own indoor garden. Nothing brightens a room and remains fascinating -- and changeable! -- throughout its long life like this foliage beauty!

Box Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 49