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Phlox Amazing Grace

Phlox 'Amazing Grace'

A Native Flower | Hardy to Zone 3

Item # 28164
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Phlox 'Amazing Grace' is an evergreen perennial that blooms heavily in bright white flowers with a perfect purple eye in late spring to early summer, attracting butterflies. Phlox subulata is also known as moss phlox, creeping phlox, moss pink, or mountain phlox.

A cold hardy herbaceous plant, Phlox 'Amazing Grace' has a low-growing, spreading habit of needle-like green foliage. Mass planted, phlox quickly spreads to fill in areas of erosion or to just beautify sunny beds and borders.

Phlox 'Amazing Grace' performs best in full sun; but in hot, humid climates, it may prefer some dappled shade. The plant grows well in chalky, loamy, or sandy, medium moisture, well-drained soils. It is rabbit and deer resistant and drought, humidity, and heat tolerant. It is also less susceptible to powdery mildew than other species of phlox.

A native plant, phlox subulata is indigenous to North America. Native plants are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. Naturally adapted to the climate and soil conditions of the region, they thrive without fertilizers or extra watering, once established. They also act as natural pest controls, reducing the need for pesticides in the garden. Landscaping with native plants promotes biodiversity and provides shelter and quality food for wildlife and pollinators, bringing gardens to life.