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Picea Ruby Teardrops

Picea 'Ruby Teardrops'

A great way to Spruce Up your garden!

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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For most gardens the biggest splashes of color come from flowers, but 'Ruby Teardrops' shows us that there is plenty of beauty to be found in seeds and foliage as well! This stunning Colorado Spruce is a dramatic marvel of dense blue-gray foliage and riveting magenta cones which top new foliage like bright berries for several weeks and possibly up to two months.

This evergreen prefers full sun and can grow up to two feet tall and about three feet wide. Plant this colorful shrub to bring textured visual interest into your landscape. The growth habit can be either irregular or round and it is quite the conversation piece in any landscape. What a great way to spruce up your garden!