Pinata Climbing Rose

Pinata Climbing Rose

Rosa 'Pinata' PP#3,996

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A rose too seldom found in American gardens, 'Piñata' is a vigorous climber that can also be grown as a shrub, its long, arching canes supporting themselves beautifully in the border or as a specimen. Suitable for vertical rather than horizontal climbing, this floribunda nips up trellises and wends its way skyward on pergolas and arbors, setting blooms of several colors in huge clusters every inch of the way!

'Piñata' easily reaches 6 to 8 feet high when trained for climbing, and 6 feet wide whether grown as a shrub or a climber. The habit is quite dense and the growth vigorous, aided by very thorny canes that discourage nibbling pests. 'Piñata' self-cleans its blooms, a real boon when it has soared out of reach overhead!

Flowering in waves from late spring all the way through summer, 'Piñata' sets large clusters of gold, orange, pink, and red blooms. It may remind you of the old favorite 'Joseph's Coat,' but we much prefer the improved vigor and brighter colors of 'Piñata'! Each bloom is fully double and about 2½ inches wide, with a faint but pleasing tea rose fragrance. The blooms, sporting about 25 to 30 petals each, open from high-centered buds, then gradually flatten as they mature. Individual clusters can have different-colored blooms, creating a gorgeous festive look that is unlike any other in the garden.

'Piñata' was introduced by breeder Seizo Suzuki in Japan in 1978, and in this country by our friends at Jackson & Perkins the same year. We have found it to be a bit more tolerant of shade than most other roses -- a valuable characteristic indeed! The foliage is mid-green and quite leathery, standing up well to heat, humidity, and other stresses.

Consider adding 'Piñata' to your rose garden, sunny border, or other prominent landscape setting this season. It makes an excellent companion to Clematis, and is comparatively low maintenance. Highly recommended! Zones 6-9.