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Rosa Pink Double Knock Out® 24-Inch Patio Tree Rose

Rosa Pink Double Knock Out® 24-Inch Patio Tree Rose

Rosa hybrid 'RADtkopink' PP#18,507

24-Inch Bareroot Tree
Item # 26400

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As beautiful and high-performing as the original Double Knock Out® is, this pink-flowered addition to the family offers even better disease resistance, greater hardiness, and even larger, more fragrant blooms! A fine addition to any sunny setting, it takes its place as possibly the most carefree and impressive Modern Shrub Rose yet!

Pink Double Knock Out® begins flowering in late spring, each 3-inch bloom boasting about 18 to 24 petals, a light sweet scent, and a pointed star shape, thanks to nicely recurved outer petals. Very profuse, the flowers continue all summer and even into fall. They are borne in clusters of up to 5 all along flowering stems on well-branched, compact shrubs.

You could not find a longer, more profuse bloom season from any other rose. And as if this weren't enough, Pink Double Knock Out® self-cleans -- the spent flowers drop neatly to the ground, so you don't have to deadhead them!

But that is only one of Pink Double Knock Out's® merits. This vigorous little shrub offers unsurpassed resistance to blackspot, COMPLETE tolerance of downy mildew, and abundant, healthy foliage that looks good even in those rare out-of-bloom moments. Anything less like the traditional finicky hybrid tea rose is hard to imagine!

If you are a Knock Out® fan (and who isn't?), be sure to check out other members of this exciting family: Double and Rainbow. These are easily the best landscape roses, and they have our vote for the most carefree and high-performing rose series ever. And now with Pink Double, they go safely into zone 11!

Crown hardy to -20 degrees F, this 3- to 4-foot-high and -wide shrub withstands drought, heat, humidity and, in addition to blackspot and downy mildew, pests such as the Japanese beetle, leafhopper, and rose midge. It is a landscape treasure you must not miss!

Tree Roses in containers will make a lovely display on the deck or patio, on a balcony, or as a accent in the entryway of your home. Having them in containers makes it easier to move them to a protected area in colder climates where the threat of severe winter weather may occur.You can also plant Tree Roses directly in the garden. Again, choose an are that received at least 6 hours of sun per day. Prepare the soil in the are 2- to 3-days before planting. For bareroot tree roses, follow the pre-planting instructions that are included when your rose arrives. Once your tree rose is planted, caring for it is comparable to any other shrub rose that you may grow. You will surely enjoy seasons of unique beauty and beautiful blooms!