Plant Care Library

This Plant Care Library will serve as a resource to our customers and other gardeners on the web. Gardening is a very academic activity that pulls knowledge from many fields. Whether it's hard sciences like entomology, botany, or geology or more creative subject like landscape architecture and color theory, Wayside Gardens has knowledge to share. We have just started collecting these articles, but we plan for this to be an ongoing project.

Garden guide

1 - Choose the best Location.
Location, Location, Location!

2 - Dig a Hole.
Make it easier for roots to spread and settle in

3 - Water in and Mulch.
These good rules-of-thumb keep your plant
hydrated and happy

Pruning group

Pruning Group 1
The Ramblers and Early Bloomers

Pruning Group 2
The Big-Flowered Summer Bloomers

Pruning Group 3
The Late Bloomers

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