Polka Raspberry

Polka Raspberry

Rubus idaeus Polka

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This exemplary Raspberry sets sturdy canes which bare little to no thorns and which yield bounteous amounts of bright red berries for all to enjoy. The fruits are larger than average and candy sweet - great for fresh eating or using in cuisine. This plant is self-fertile, establishes quickly, and is quite easy to grow and maintain. Tiny apple blossom white flowers open in spring and then become plump berries in late summer to early fall. A marked improvement over the 'Autumn Bliss' variety, 'Polka' is superb not only in fruiting but also in general health and disease resistance. It boasts immunity to root rot and mosaic virus complex. This deciduous plant bears fruit only on canes that are two years old and it's best to prune older canes to keep your raspberry at its peak of berry production. Protect from cane and crown borers.