Polystichum 'Plumosomultilobum'

The queen of all ferns

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This fern will instantly become the queen of your woodland garden. The elegant lacey appearance is reminiscent of the Victorian times in which it was first discovered. This perennial evergreen fern forms a layered mound and the finely cut, fluffy fronds have a soft, delicate texture when they fully mature. Older plants that have been established for a while are so finely divided that they often resemble a slab of moss. One of the most interesting characteristics of this fern is that the fronds curve outwards from the center of the plant, so from above it resembles a whirlwind! Talk about adding visual movement to the garden, this fern has you covered. It grows best in rich, moist, well drained soil but will tolerate sand or clay. It thrives in light or dark shade but too much sun will cause it to yellow. Though it is evergreen the fronds should be cut down in late February or March, before the new fronds emerge. It looks amazing in woodland gardens and deeply shaded areas to bring some interest and color into the landscape.