Ponytail Palm in White Container

Ponytail Palm in White Container

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Available to begin shipping on Sep 10, 2018.

Our favorite houseplant of the season is this delightful Elephant's Foot potted in a handsome white container! Very tolerant of low light and drought, this native North American succulent is the perfect gift for busy folks who always forget to water their houseplants. And its fascinating weeping habit and big swollen base are great talking points!

We call this Ponytail Palm by its older common name of Elephant's Foot because of the noticeably swollen, scaly base of the central stem. Native to the deserts of Mexico, this succulent actually stores water in that stem, then releases it slowly during periods of drought. This means that a mature Ponytail Palm can go without watering for up to a month!

The habit of this plant is fascinating too. The central, rounded stem is scaly and rough, growing straight upwards (occasionally with a bit of a sway or swagger, which is fun too!). At the top of the plant, long dark green leaves emerge, tumbling straight down on all sides like a waterfall or tiny willow tree. Eventually the leaves will actually brush the ground -- at which point the Ponytail Palm can be repotted in a taller container or left to amaze with its abundant, lengthy foliage!

And this houseplant doesn't mind low light. It prefers lots of sun or bright light, of course, but can stay healthy for many months without a lot of sun. If you like, move it outdoors during summer, but be careful -- this is a tropical, subject to damage when night temperatures dip below about 50 degrees F. It's perfectly happy to remain indoors, soaking up kitchen fluorescent light if direct sunlight is in short supply!

Ponytail Palm is adpatable, easy, very long-lived, and just plain fun to grow and admire. Put it at the top of your gift list and your own garden wish list! Zones 9-11 (or 8b with protection). Zones 9-11 (or 8b with protection).

Box Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 28