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Populus Quaking Aspen

North American Native | Cold Hardy to Zone 2

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Having the widest natural range of any tree in North America, Quaking Aspen grows well in a wide range of soils and geographical locations. However, it struggles in regions with high summer heat and humidity.

Besides its extreme adaptability, this tree exhibits many outstanding features and brings with it a lovely symphony of color, movement, and sound. Smooth, youthful bark on long, narrow trunks is greenish white, maturing chalky. Long catkins of silvery grey-green are followed by drooping clusters of fruit at spring's end. Glossy green summer leaves turn golden yellow in fall. As the nearly round, finely toothed leaves and flattened leafstalks catch the smallest of breezes, they flutter wildly. Glinting in the sun, they shimmer and shine and "whisper" in the wind.

An environmental powerhouse, it is a haven for birds and butterflies and a food source for wildlife. This vigorously growing and sprouting tree is a lovely shade tree and an excellent tree for naturalizing, known to quickly restore forests destroyed by fire or cultivation. The tree is very cold hardy, to Zone 2, and black spot resistant.

Uses: Shade Tree, Specimen Tree, Mass Plantings, Hedges, Buffer Plantings, Fall Color