Potato Harvesting Scoop

Potato Harvesting Scoop

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This season we are delighted to offer a selection of fine garden tools from the renowned British firm of Burgon & Ball, which celebrates nearly 300 years in business. This heritage firm uses only the finest materials in its tools: carbon-forged steel for the blades and sustainably harvsted (FSC approved) hardwood for the handles, plus a leather hanging loop. They are designed to last a lifetime, and probably to hand down to your gardening great-grandchildren.

A few select tools from Burgon & Ball's collection have been specially endorsed by the Royal Horticulture Society (RHS), Britain's largest gardening organization and charity, as exceptional in craftsmanship and performance. The Potato Harvesting Scoop is one of these fine tools, and because of its commendation, it comes with a lifetime guarantee! You cannot go wrong adding this fine tool to your collection or gifting it to a special gardener this season.

The Potato Harvesting Scoop looks like a combination gardening fork and sieve. The end is blunt and wide, with tines spaced just far enough apart to sift out soil and small clumps while retaining bulbs and root vegetables. This tool is "stab proof," allowing you to safely dig for roots without damaging or slicing through them.

Measuring 20 inches long, the blunt end is 6 inches wide, a good size for grubbing around in the soil in search of potatoes, flowering bulbs, and even the rootballs of small plants that must be transplanted. An excellent tool for large containers, where plants are often rearranged and replaced, it is also sturdy and efficient enough to use in a large field of potatoes or other root vegetable.

The Potato Harvesting Scoop is basically an update of the old tool known as a potato grate. The tines really do look like a grate, but it is the bar across their ends that is the real innovation of this garden tool. You will find many uses for this scoop, from lifting bulbils from established bulbs to safely extracting dahlia, four o'clock, and begonia tubers at season's end.

We are proud to offer the Potato Harvesting Scoop with the lifetime guarantee and honors accorded by the RHS. Add it to your toolshed today!